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Remedial and therapeutic massage may assist in pain, muscular tension, injury management, chronic pain, acute injury care and rehabilitation. 

At Quay Day Spa our Remedial Massage Therapists have a strong understanding of sporting injuries, acute injuries and the best way to treat them.  


Our range of relaxation massage therapies will free your body and mind from tension and stress.


Using a variety of remedial massage techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. 


Let our remedial massage therapists help release tension in your muscles, break up scar tissue, increase your mobility and leave you feeling better!

30 mins - $65 | 60 mins $90

Remedial Massage

Conditions which benefit from lymph drainage:

  • Swollen legs, arms, chest tissue due to fluid retention.

  • Swelling of limb pre or post surgery

  • Post cancer treatments

  • Reoccurring infections and colds

  • Cellulite

  • Fluid retention during pregnancy

30 mins - $65 | 60 mins $90

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Harmonise your body's senses with a full body relaxation massage. 


Hypnotic light to firm pressure will soothe aches and pains leaving you blissfully relaxed.

30 mins - $65 | 60 mins $90

Relaxation Massage

Hot volcanic stones and warm oil are used to work your body and mind into a state of relaxation that will leave you wondering if you are awake or asleep.  The heat from the stones penetrates into the deeper muscle tissue layers in this gentle soothing massage journey.

60 mins - $140 | 90 mins $180

Hot Stone Massage

Enhance your relaxation massage with an 'aromatherapy sensory journey'.

30 mins - $85 | 60 mins $110

Aromatherapy Massage

Quay Day Spa also works in close collaboration with Your Health Hub to provide a complete health and wellness destination in Bellerive Quay. 


Visit Your Health Hub to find out more about their Medical and Allied Health Services and Programs.



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