5 Reasons why a gift voucher is your best christmas gift

Looking for a Christmas gift can be tiring and time-consuming.

It takes time to make a decision, to look for the right gift, to actually carry it around back home, wrap it up, write a card and finally give it away.


What if we told you that we have a solution for you, that would save you TIME.


Here are 5 reasons why a gift voucher is your best solution.

1. It provides a Win-Win situation for giver and receiver


For Giver: You save time and decision making power by leaving that to the receiver as they can choose however that want to spend that voucher.


For Receiver: No more disappointing gift as you get to choose to pick your favorite service.

2. You partially help yourself or your loved one recover physically and mentally.


We’ve all been working hard for the whole year and it is crucial to also give yourself and your loved one a reward.


This will provide you a refreshing break and get you ready to rock up next year with more energy.

3. You can also treat yourself at the same time.

Not only this will save you from spending the whole day walking in the shopping mall, looking for the best gift.


All you have to do is just a few clicks. And it’s done!


What’s more, you can also choose to come in, treat yourself and enjoy the relaxing experience at the spa instead of hustling to get that perfect Christmas gift.

4. It’s a healthy and rewarding gift.

Yes, chocolate is rewarding but imagine how many chocolate people would receive during the Christmas?


By providing them with a memorable experience at the spa, it resolves the complaint of gaining weight during the holiday season.


In addition, a number of research suggested that spending money on experience makes people happier than buying stuff.

5. It provides an opportunity for self-care that we rarely take.

People rarely take time to actually take care of themselves.


By receiving the voucher, it already completed the first step.

All there is to do now is organise the time, turn up and let the relaxation begins.


This might also become a big step to having more self-care and improving one’s wellbeing.


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