Criocuum Fat Freezing

The non surgical alternative to liposuction

Cryolipolysis alternatively known as "fat freezing" is based on the cryoliporeduction principles of fat removal, which applies cold temperatures to isolate and chill fatty subcutaneous tissue to the point of destruction.


Through clinical trials and scientific studies it has been proven as an effective method of killing fat cells and fat reduction. Case studies show an average reduction of fatty tissue between 3mm and 15mm, or up to 45% of the fatty tissue present for a visibly trimmer, contoured appearance.


The procedure is a popular alternative to liposuction as it is non-invasive and has has minimal downtime. You can literally walk in and walk out.

Criocuum targets the most common problem areas of unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat that can be difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone. By using interchangeable vacuum applicators tailored to suit the treatment area, Criocuum non-invasively trims, tones and contours the:

  • Abdomen

  • Buttocks

  • Thighs

  • Upper arms

  • Back

  • Waistline

  • Hips


After 1 Cryolypolysis Treatment

We offer a range of body contouring packages to suit your needs.

An initial consultation is required before booking body contouring treatments.

The cost of the initial consultation is $50 and is redeemable on products or services.


Cryolipolysis targets the common problems areas
of unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat that can be
difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone.

By using interchangeable vacuum applicators
tailored to suit the treatment area, our services
non-invasively trims, tones and contours by
chilling fatty subcutaneous tissue to the point of

Prices start at $499 (depend on area being treated).


Includes a combination of Cryolipolysis and RF Skin Tightening Treatments.

9 week program (payment plans available) POA

Price based on body area treated.


Combining 3 world-class body contouring
methods, we have the technology to achieve
unparalleled results in fat reduction, body
contouring and skin tightening on your problem

Our Ultimate Body Bootcamp will significantly
reduce your circumferential fat, freeze your fat
cells, tighten and tone your skin and deliver a
more contoured appearance

15 week program POA


Say goodbye to your Mummy Tummy!


Package includes a combination of Cryolipolysis and RF Skin Tightening.


Consultation is required to determine your treatment plan.  6 weeks POA.

Criocuum Frequently Asked Questions


Is Coastal Financial Planning Group Limited To Specific Investment Strategies Or Products?

No, every person’s retirement needs are different. Coastal Financial Planning Group offers an unlimited number of wealth management strategies and products that are designed to benefit each of our client’s unique retirement goals.

Why do we need to review our current situation before we can talk about making changes?

The first step in any financial decision making process must be an evaluation of risk tolerance, income needs, tax liabilities, long term care needs, estate plans and charitable desires.

Our initial review helps us to discover whether or not your current wealth management strategies align with your expectations for your financial future.

What Do I need to Bring To Our First Meeting?

The following items are requested, the more you provide us, the more we can help you:

Your latest brokerage statements, retirement account statements (IRA, 401(k), TSA, 403(b), etc.), CDs, life insurance policies, and annuity policies (please bring your statements not just a spreadsheet);

· Any existing wills and trusts

· A copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Return

· An estimate of your annual expenses

· Any questions you may have for discussion

I Already Work With a Financial Representative, Why Should I Make a Change?

91 percent of the people who meet with us already have a financial representative.

Many times, that representative is not a retirement planning specialist, and more often than not, that person works for a particular company rather than for the client. Therefore, he or she may be limited in the products and retirement strategies that he or she can offer.

At Coastal Financial Planning Group, we provide our clients with institutional strategies that allow them to minimize market downturns while capturing market gains. These strategies allow us to create for our clients a predictable, and dependable retirement solution that provides security and peace of mind throughout retirement.

What Are My Obligations For My Complimentary Consultation?

· There is absolutely no charge or obligation.

· You decide if you want to meet us again, and there is NEVER A FEE FOR OUR TIME!

What Happens During Our Initial Meeting?

Your first visit is designed to give you the information you need so you can decide if we can help you achieve your financial goals for retirement.

  • We will complete a comprehensive review of your current financial situation.
  • This is YOUR hour. We will answer and address any retirement planning questions you may have.

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